Cards are used to complete certain tasks in the game. There are three types of cards: Shopper Cards, Quick Delivery Cards and Product Cards. Cards are acquired by completing general tasks such as serving shipments. You also receive them when you level up , complete collections or finish quests. They can also be bought for cash or you can ask your friends to send you a surprise cards.

Shopper CardEdit


A Shopper Card is given to a customer to increase his/her budget and launch campaignsShopper50 can be bought for Cash 5.

Quick Delivery CardEdit

Quick Delivery Cards are used to deliver ordered shipments instantly. The larger the shipment, the more cards are needed to deliver it. Qd3 are earned every time you level up. Qd10 can be bought for Cash 5.

Product CardEdit

Product Cards have a variety of uses:

Producty3 are earned every time you level up. Producty20 can be bought for Cash 5.

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