Year of the Horse items on display in a store

This page about a seasonal topic was last updated for Chinese/Lunar New Year 2014: Year of the Horse



Display Cost Luxury Points Product Capacity
Firecracker Firecracker Coin 5,000 Luxury 33 Box2,500



Cost Luxury Points
Red Blossoms Blossom Coin 30,000 Luxury 1
Firecrackers Cracker Coin 40,000 Luxury 2
Red Silk Lantern Silk Coin 140,000 Luxury 6
Traditional Red Trad Cash 10 Luxury 271
Traditional Arch Cash 20 Luxury 663
Tangerine Basket Tang Cash 30 Luxury 700
Chinese Evergreen Green Coin 900,000 Luxury 32
Horse Column Horsecol Cash 40 Luxury 1480
Horse Statue Horsestat Cash 50

Luxury 1120

Snowflakes Red Redflake Cash 10

Luxury 110


A limited-time quest is given in connection with this seasonal topic called "Year of the Horse!". 

Part 1/3Edit

  • Find 10 Orange
  • Find 9 Red Packet
  • Find 11 New Year Lantern


  • Coin 40,000
  • Xp3,000

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