Marketland is a social game and thus your success in its depends largely on your Facebook friends who play the game with you, your "neighbours". Neighbours help you complete quests, renew your damaged shipments, send you gifts, allow you to expand your store, and allow you to visit their stores and earn rewards (coins, cards and XP Points). 



Lisa, the default neighbour

Lisa is your first neighbour when you start out on Marketland. She is played by the computer, and is on Level 52. Lisa renews your shipments if they are damaged while Marketland is unavailable due to construction

Inviting neighboursEdit



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You can visit a neighbour's store and perform tasks such as cleaning floor dirt, renewing damaged shipments and speeding up shipments for rewards, such as coins and cards. These tasks do not use of your Product/Quick Delivery Cards to perform. You can perform five tasks at a single neighbour's store every 20 hours. Neighbours can also visit your store and do the same. Shipments renewed or sped up by a neighbour appear with a pink heart above the display. To visit a neighbour's store hover over their profile image and click 'visit'.


You can send and receive products (stock) as gifts to/from your neighbours. To send a gift, click the Free Gifts tab at the top of the screen and select the gift you want to send and the Friend(s) you wish to send the gift to. Once again, you can send a gift to each Friend every 20 hours. Gifts are stored in the stockroom, from where they can be served or sold. 

Sending itemsEdit

Collection items as well as items needed for quests can be requested from a neighbour, after which he/she can choose to send it to you. Every 20 hours you can request an item from a neighbour and also i forgot you must take the medicine before she take it. 

Daily bonusEdit

When you receive your Daily bonus you can send a gift to your neighbour too.


Every time a neighbour sends you a gift or requests an item from you it is displayed in your Mailbox from where you can respond to it by "receiving", "sending" or both (in the case of a gift).