A quest

A quest is a task that can be completed for rewards such as Coins and XP Points. Quests require you to perform a variety of tasks such as:
  • ordering and serving shipments
  • visiting neighbours (and performing certain tasks there)
  • collecting items (often not a standard collection piece; they usually need to be gifted by neighbours),

Most quests require you to complete multiple (usually three tasks), such as the one pictured. Quests are displayed in a menu to the right. New quests are unlocked every time you level up

Limited time questsEdit


A New-Year's-themed quest

Certain quests need to be completed within a certain time-frame, otherwise they expire and cannot be completed to redeem rewards. These quests are usually seasonal, such as holiday-themed etc.

Automatic completionEdit

Quests can be completed automatically using cash. The more tasks still incomplete the larger the amount of cash required to complete it.

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